how to clean adult toys

how to clean adult toys

How to Clean Your Sex Toys So You Can Use Them Safely

Being an adult comes with many responsibilities, like cleaning your sex toys, which is fortunately pretty easy as far as chores go.

Sex, whether solo or with a partner, is your time to let the stresses of daily life melt away. But if you want sex toys to be a part of that clear-your-mind time—and if you want those sex toys to have good life spans—you’re going to have to clean them properly and regularly. Plus, there’s a chance that poor sex toy hygiene can actually cause infections; so, yes, safe solo sex is also a thing to consider. Here’s the right way to clean those toys.

The first step in cleaning a sex toy is figuring out whether it’s made with a porous or nonporous material.

–> If the material is porous, it has tiny holes that can harbor bacteria, fungi, and general gunk

–> If it’s nonporous, it doesn’t have those holes, so various microorganisms are less likely to stick around.

porous materials include:

Elastomer (rubber) varieties, like:
Thermoplastic rubber, or TPR for short. This is sometimes called “skin-safe rubber.”
Thermoplastic elastomer, aka TRE, which is also sometimes called “skin-safe rubber.”
Jelly rubber. This is a kind of rubber that sometimes (not always) contains phthalates, a group of chemicals that have come under fire for their potential to affect human health. The scientific jury is still out.
Materials like Sensafirm and UR3, which can help toys feel like skin
Latex, which isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in sex toys the way it is in condoms

nonporous sex-toy materials:

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic (a kind of hard plastic)
Borosilicate glass (as in Pyrex and similar varieties)
Soda-lime glass (like the kind used for drinking glasses)
Metals like stainless steel and gold

Regardless of your toy’s material, you should wash and dry it after each use so it’s as clean as possible.

To clarify, you probably won’t get an infection every time you slack on thorough sex toy cleaning, but it’s important to know that this can happen depending on the type of bacteria or virus and the situation in which you’re using the toy.

You might also want to wash your toy before every use, too.

cleaning toys after every use is a must, whereas cleaning them beforehand is a suggestion

how to clean all of your sex toys before and after you use them.

Cleaning each of your sex toys properly is just as important as cleaning them regularly. If you don’t, you risk eroding a toy’s material, warping its shape, or breaking any battery-operated functions it may have.