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ThemeHunt is shutting down

We are gravely saddened to let you know that ThemeHunt will no longer be in operation. After 4 years of journey, we’ve decided to call it off. We know this news may hurt our beloved visitors, customers, authors, and other well wishers who continuously supported us along the way. But this is the decision we must take.

Let’s have a look at some crucial points of this abrupt closure.

What does this shutdown mean?

  • ThemeHunt will no longer be in operation
  • We will stop accepting new template submission from today
  • Selling templates will be stopped on 1st September, 2018
  • All pending payments will be cleared before the closure
  • The website will completely be closed on 1st October, 2018

What it means for the existing customers?

As we are no longer in operation and our site “themehunt.com ” will be closed, customers will not be able to visit, check, or buy templates from ThemeHunt any more. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience. You should ask support to the respective authors for the templates you have purchased from ThemeHunt. From now, it’s in between customers and authors. Existence of ThemeHunt as third-party will no longer be available.

What it means for the authors?

Sadly, authors will not be able to submit any item or sell their existing ones on ThemeHunt marketplace. Template selling on ThemeHunt will be called off on 1st September, 2018. Authors can submit their items on any other marketplace of their choice regardless of item types.

What it means for the affiliates?

Closing ThemeHunt means closing all of its programs. The affiliates will no longer have opportunities to earn from ThemeHunt. They can modify their contents, remove ThemeHunt links, or whatever they wish to.

What about the due payouts?

Any payable amount that is due with anyone’s account (authors, affiliates) will be paid before the ultimate closure.

Will it be rebranded to anything new?

No, There’s no more rebranding. It’s a downright shutdown.

If you have any query regarding ThemeHunt, feel free to contact us on this page.

It’s been a wonderful journey with you all. We never knew that we would have to pack up this way. We wish you all the best. Thousands apologies if this closure hurts you or causes you any inconvenience.

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